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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1) Can the musicians play outside?

  • Yes! We love to play outside in our magnificent surroundings. However, we have a couple of things we must think about. Our string instruments are rare Italian antiques and unfortunately the effects of sun and rain are not kind to them. Therefore we ask that you provide some type of overhead protection to protect us from the tempest of Mother Nature. If requested we can provide, at an additional charge, a party tent large enough to provide shelter for the trio. If we’re close enough to an electrical outlet, we can also provide an electronic keyboard in order to present the piano as well as the strings. On those occasions when the venue is too far from electrical service, Music Mosaic can provide a quiet generator to power the keyboard. Rental and delivery charges will apply.

2) How does the temperature affect you?

  • Our Mountain environment can throw us some interesting challenges. For example we have had snow on the ground in Banff every month of the year! Through this we always play to the highest standard but outdoor venues may compromise our ability to deliver our best work. Our fingers tend to become stiff and un-cooperative when the temperatures fall (We think playing in gloves doesn’t provide an interesting sound!). For this reason we cannot consider performances below 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees F).

3) Can we make a special request?

  • Yes. Our repertoire is extensive but it doesn’t cover all bases. Depending on the request, we may need to purchase sheet music (if available), and /or have an arrangement prepared for our instruments. We’re happy to offer this service to clients with enough advance notice. Additional charges may apply.

4) Why do you charge more for the first hour of playing than each      additional hour?

  • The charge for the first hour covers our preliminary consultations, travel for the musicians who live out of town and set-up and tear down time on the day of the presentation. All these are aspects of a performance regardless of length.

5) Do you have a minimum performance time and or engagement fee?

  • Yes our minimum fee is for one hour. While we are happy to provide a shorter performance if required, (even fifteen or twenty minutes for example!), the minimum charge will still be for one hour.

6) Can the musicians play engagements without a break?

  • For engagements longer than one hour, we schedule a short break/rest period for the musicians. This generally amounts to 10 minutes per hour, scheduled at a time convenient to the situation and clients’ needs. This does not affect wedding ceremonies that are typically less than one hour in duration. Generally, we do not play for longer than one and one half hours without a break.

7) What is stand–by time?

  • On occasion we are asked to take an extended break to facilitate a change of venue or to allow other activities to take place prior to the completion of our performance. This “stand by” time is calculated at half the additional hourly rate.

8) Do you accompany singers?

  • We collaborate with singers and other musicians on a regular basis. If the singer is performing on behalf o the wedding party we typically schedule a rehearsal immediately prior to the event. Additional charges may apply.

9) When does the engagement/ performance begin?

  • We typically start our performance for a wedding ceremony fifteen minutes or so prior to the commencement of the ceremony, as the guests arrive. That’s called the Prelude. Then by the time the bride and groom have walked down the aisle, signed the register and been announced as partners for life, roughly an hour has passed, which is our minimum call for an engagement. If here is still time before an hour has transpired we’ll happily stay and play until the hour is played out.

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